thank you vegas

thank you vegas for your dry heat, making it possible for my hair to look mostly decent while meeting 30+ fabulous new people. thank you vegas (and nicole, duh) for bringing together 60 of the most fabulous bloggers the internet has ever known and letting us raid your city. thank you vegas (and the flamingo) … Continue reading

race recap: broad street run 2012

i wish i could tell you that this year’s recap would be just as positive and great as last year’s. but i can’t. if i can sum up BSR 2012 in a few words, it would be this: i’m so glad it’s over. in the week leading up to may 6th, i had a series … Continue reading

currently: thoughts on running

i haven’t talked about running on here for a bit so HI HERE WE GO! RUN RUN RUN! i’m currently training for The Best Race on Planet Earth (according to me), the Philadelphia Broad Street Run on may 6th. it’s 10 miles of fun, flat, fast running that takes you through some of the city’s … Continue reading


{playing catch-up on the 30 day challenge! this is from day 10} directions: put your music player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that play. here goes nothing…my music taste is not exactly the Most Impressive. Dixie Chicks – Cowboy Take Me Away Newsies – Once and for All Jon Schmidt – … Continue reading

Vella Shpringa

at the beginning of the year, i sat down and mapped out all of the major road races i wanted/planned to do in 2012. austin half, check. broad street run in may, the rock ‘n roll philadelphia half in september, and the philadelphia half marathon in november. along the way there will be 5ks and … Continue reading

currently: roundup

i think we can all agree that i’m failing miserably at the 30 day challenge. i got what, one day in? oh well, let’s just pretend that weekends don’t count. even though i had the laziest weekend, there is still nothing i’d rather do less than THINK and stare at the computer screen after 30+ … Continue reading

five ways to win my heart

(in an effort to get into a better blogging habit, i’ve joined the 30 day challenge to blog every day in march) have a great sense of humor i tried to think of a million different ways to phrase this. “sense of humor” is usually the number one thing on anyone’s list of what they’re … Continue reading

getting out of my comfort {food} zone

i like to think that i have a pretty decent memory. i can remember lyrics to songs after only one listen, recall stories or just random tidbits of conversation from months ago, and just generally remember random facts that are of no use in my life. because of this, i can distinctly remember when i … Continue reading