love me some donny o.


25. starting a new life in the city of brotherly love.

i love good music, diet coke, chocolate, bad reality tv and crime dramas, cupcakes, running, singing, being a grammar freak, fashion, non-fiction books, subscribing to a dozen magazines that i never read, smelling pretty, the internet, my cats, my friends, and social media. not necessarily in that order. my blog is a conglomeration of all of these things, plus whatever else i feel like writing about.

apple enthusiast, angry birds addict, and lover of all things pink.

during the day i work at a law firm doing web stuff. it’s fun and there’s free chocolate and hot cocoa, so i’ll be here for a while.


tara is a 2o-something spoiled only child originally from upstate new york, now residing in philadelphia by way of utah (for educational purposes only). she studied PR and communications in college, with a minor in business, which she realizes now was a really dumb decision and wishes she’d done an editing minor, but refuses to go back to school. she lived at home for her post-grad limbo year where she worked at thankless jobs and realized that she needed to bolt, STAT. she moved to philadelphia in 2010 with only a freelancing job to support her, but soon found work in the professional world working for “the man,” which she doesn’t mind because “the man” is pretty cool, actually. after moving every year for the past 6 years, tara is happy to call philadelphia her home, and plans on exploring it even more in the coming year. she met her roommate, madeline, through the power of twitter, and together they are taking over their small little section of the city. tara has a weakness for diet coke and dark chocolate, electric blankets, beauty products that promise soft hair (but rarely deliver), cats, running gear with dri-fit, and indie music that heavily features piano and/or electric beats.  sometimes she runs long distances. her car has been making funny noises for nearly a year and nobody can figure out what’s wrong, so if you have a knack for car mechanics tara would happily take a recording of these sounds for you if you’d like to help her out.

want to be friends?
e-mail: ladyroselane {at} gmail {dot} com
portfolio: http://taralane.weebly.com
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tara_lane
linked in: http://www.linkedin.com/in/taralane
beauty blog: http://beautybytara.blogspot.com/

profile photo by terra
social media icons by carrie


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