marathon training, month one

so, how’s training going?

to be honest, the first month has been a little…boring? which is to be expected, and i knew it would be like this going into it, since the first 4 weeks are more base-building than anything else. i’m doing a marathon training plan found in the july 2013 issue of runner’s world, written by editor and 1968 boston marathon champ amby burfoot. i chose it for a few reasons: it’s long, made for first-timers, incorporated the base training i needed after coming back from a month of rest/IT band healing, and works with my schedule. it’s challenging without being overly so, and i trust it will get me ready to toe the line in november.


emy and i have the same shoes. naturally, mine are 10x bigger and i’m 5 shades paler.

of course, there have been some fun running-related things thrown in along the way. jeff, emy, and i participated in the inaugrual group run for the Young Involved Philadelphia (YIP) running club, where we did a 4 mile run down and over to Race Street Pier and ended with lots of water and food at morgan’s pier. i should also mention that this was during one of the worst heat waves of the summer, and it was still 95 degrees during our 6pm run. it was HOT but we did it!

YIP run

later that week, i joined some friends for the electric run, its first time in philadelphia. basically, it’s like the color run but in the dark, and you wear neon clothes and glow sticks and anything that lights up. the energy was incredible as we were waiting in our wave to get to the start line, but we could see a storm rolling in and some scary lightening approaching. we were SO CLOSE to the start line when they announced that they had to shut it down and told us all to go home, for safety reasons. we were understandably bummed, but jeff, maegan, and i took the opportunity to run back to jeff’s house so we could still get a workout in. two miles in, the skies opened up and we were soaked from head to toe in seconds. i normally love running in the rain, but this was a bit much! the lightening was seriously just feet in front of us, a true electric run if there ever was one. and without a hat, the water was getting in my eyes and drying up my contacts in the worst way. after a brief stop under a bridge to let the storm pass, we finally made it back and clocked a solid 4 miles.

electric run

i’m the idiot with the red glasses.

last saturday i met up with a new running friend i met via the internet (this should be of zero surprise to anyone) and we logged 5 miles on forbidden drive, one of my favorite places to run. this week starts the actual training with a bit of a weekly mileage increase, and next week i begin working some goal pace miles (MGP) into the mix. i’m hoping to get over to a track to do a Yasso 800 workout and of course i’ll be throwing in some hills along the way (i’ll do a post at some point about my killer self-made hill workout). this weekend i’ll be home in rochester, and i’m looking forward to 6 easy miles on the canal, hopefully with my bff elizabeth who is training for NYC!

what’s on the horizon? thursday i’m doing a group run with philadelphia runner (there are cupcakes and massages after!), and on august 17th i’m doing the team livestrong challenge philadelphia 10k with some friends. i’ve been wanting to do this race for a few years and it’s finally happening! i love livestrong events, and hopefully this one won’t disappoint. i’m also working on some FUNdraising activities to get my friends involved without making them run a bunch of miles with me. i’m lucky they love me.

after writing all of this…i guess my first month was more adventurous than i thought! 16 more weeks to go!

don’t forget to DONATE!!!

now you tell me: what are you training for? how’s your training going??


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