porch/train/backyard/book club reads


let’s pretend this never happened – jenny lawson

i actually just finished this but wanted to add it to the list so i could sing it’s praises. though i’m not a regular reader of the bloggess, i do read the occasional post and always enjoy it. i bought this for kindle before my flight to vegas a few weeks ago for my “trip read,” and it did not disappoint. while her childhood was nowhere near even what i had, or think i would even want, it left me in stitches at some points, and was actually surprisingly thought provoking! i reminisced a lot about my own childhood and how i want to raise my future kids – normal like me, or with a bit of a twist? jenny is blessed with an amazing ability to write and tell a story, and i’ll be forever glad i purchased this book.

room: a novel – emma donoghue

this is the selection for june, for a small book club i’m in. i downloaded the free kindle sample of it, and while it took some time to get used to the writing style, i can tell i am going to like this book a lot. now, do i get it in paperback, or kindle edition?

hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet – jamie ford

i honestly don’t know much about this book, other than it sits on the makeshift bookcase/dresser in our house, belongs to my roommate, and apparently tells a (fictional) story of the strikingly similar true tale of the life of my friend’s grandparents. that along intrigued me, and so it finds itself on my list of NEED TO READ ASAP.

visit from the good squad – jennifer egan

another one i don’t know much about, but it has a cool cover and my roommate liked it, and i generally trust her taste in books. plus, i can borrow it, saving me some cash, and won’t be the end of the world if i don’t end up enjoying it.

sarah’s key / a secret kept – tatiana de rosnay

am i like 10,000 years late on these or what? again, more borrow-able and accessible books, and i want to keep with at least SOME popular literature.

the unfinished work of elizabeth d. – nichole bernier

i just read about this book in a magazine as being one of the summer’s hottest beach reads, so naturally i looked into it, and think it’s what i’m most looking forward to reading right now. with my love of real-life mystery and the like, this seems like something i’ll start reading and won’t be able to put down.

what are YOU reading this summer?


8 thoughts on “porch/train/backyard/book club reads

  1. Thanks for the reminder to check out Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, not that doing so was your intention! 😉

    I loved Sarah’s Key, but stopped about one-third of the way through A Secret Kept. I might come back to it someday.

    • haha, my pleasure! i’m excited to get a start on these. i love that feeling of being so excited for your next free moment to read!

  2. Room was one of my favorite books of last year, just so fascinating. And The Bloggess’ book definitely cracked me up, a lovely easy and entertaining read. And so funny, I have the Hotel on the Corner book chilling on my night stand to read eventually.

    Right now I’m reading Jen Lancaster’s latest memoir with a historical fiction coming up next, talk about a change in topics, haha.

    • unfortunately i only own one of these on my kindle, and it’s not lendable! (also unfortunately, most GOOD books aren’t). you should check on pixelofink.com though – you can get a daily digest of free/cheap books for kindles. most are crap, but i’ve found some good ones on occasion!

  3. Room is on my list to read this summer as is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I’ve got a massive stack of books in my to read list that I’m sure will find themselves on my nightstand at some point this summer.

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