weekend snippets

zoo night sponsored by my firm, aka my favorite night of the year. though we were trapped (luckily indoors) during the freak downpour, we managed to make it work. finding out way out of the zoo in the pitch dark surrounded by all the animals though…that was a little scary.











since my left foot is still bumming, i decided to finally pump up my tires and take my bike out for a spin on my favorite trail. 10 miles roundtrip in under an hour! my bum is still a little sore, let’s just put that out there.

our kickball banquet (btw, we’re still undefeated, 5-0!) was saturday night, and those are always a great time with our crew. the party ended up back at our house, where there was much kitchen dancing, a campfire, and ridiculous picture taking games to be had.

stolen from sean
doesn’t our backyard look magical?!

sunday was the famed philadelphia international bike race that makes its way through manayunk TEN times, and also halts any kind of travel/parking/sleep. we brunched and people watched along the course and caught a few laps of the men’s and women’s races, hung out with good friends, and made some new ones. then i took a much needed nap even though there was much partying going on outside my windows. it happened.

i’m already looking forward to next weekend, which will be heavy on the relaxation.


i would also love to give a HUGE shoutout to my bff elizabeth for graduating from law school on friday! she is truly and inspiration and is going to do great things. i’m so proud of her ❤

stolen from eliz


4 thoughts on “weekend snippets

  1. What a great weekend! Most of mine was spent trying to get over this cold/virus which continues to make my life miserable!

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