currently: thoughts on running

i haven’t talked about running on here for a bit so HI HERE WE GO! RUN RUN RUN!

i’m currently training for The Best Race on Planet Earth (according to me), the Philadelphia Broad Street Run on may 6th. it’s 10 miles of fun, flat, fast running that takes you through some of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods, with miles of spectators and great volunteers. i ran this race for the first time last year and had a BLAST, and i’ve been looking forward to the 2012 race ever since i crossed the finish line last year. in 2011, it was my longest distance run to date, and though i did have a time goal in mind, i pretty much just tried to run well while still enjoying myself and soaking it all in. i finished in 1:32, only 2 minutes over my goal time, and i didn’t have any troubles at all during the race (except for the typical aches and pains).

this year i’m gunning for 1:28 or below, which puts me at an 8:45-ish pace. i’m secretly hoping that with a decent warmup (a few laps around the track near the starting line) and a few slower miles in the beginning, i’ll be able to push it to 8:30 or so in the second half of the race. of course i would be ecstatic, but i’ll of course need to take into account everything that could potentially happen that day – my shin splints acting up, extreme weather (it’s been so unpredictable lately!), and a variety of other factors.

my parents are driving down from new york that weekend (as they did last year), and i’m looking forward to spending a nice weekend with them involving lots of good food, a (professional!) family photo shoot, bike rides, touristy things, and anything else we can cram into a few short days. now lets just hope the weather holds up!

other running-related things on my mind lately:

  • i am feeling stronger and faster than ever before. i am usually very scared to see the numbers creep up on my garmin, because i’m afraid that it’s a fluke, that i won’t be able to hold that pace, and end up letting the mental mind-games get the best of me. for a while i was afraid i’d hit a plateau, but i’ve recently found that after some solid warmup miles, i can get my pace up – and STEADY – and start flying. in the last mile or so of last night’s run, i had a few flashes of a 7:xx on my watch, which of course made my jaw drop, but got me so excited! because i felt GOOD! and not tired! and it makes me so antsy for what i can accomplish in my next 5k, whenever that will be.
  • i ran with my friend Clare last weekend, and we did 10 miles on the river loop. we kept it slow and steady (~9:45/mile), because i’ve been trying to train right and keep my long runs slow, steady, and well below race pace. it was so fun to run with her, and we had some excellent conversations.
  • my new shoes, brooks pure cadence, are like running on clouds and were totally worth it. they’re the most supportive of the pure project shoes, which is just what i need. i haven’t worn them for any distances longer than 5 miles yet, but am gradually breaking them in and plan to race broad street in them.
  • one of the ryan gosling hey girl tumblr incarnations, hey runner girl, used my submission! i love the site and was so happy to see my idea come to life (although i submitted something a little differently worded, i like what they did with it.)

things you should read:

  • the long run by matt long – i’m about 2/3 of the way through this and can’t put it down. truly inspiring.
  • born to run by christopher mcdougall – always a recommendation, especially for new runners
  • the runner’s body by ross tucker and jonathan dugas – a detailed look into how our bodies are made for running, what happens when we run (and why), and so many other cool things. it’s basically like a textbook, but it’s incredibly detailed and worth a glance.

tell me: what running-related things are on YOUR mind?


2 thoughts on “currently: thoughts on running

  1. ah yes! love it all. i especially love that we have races on the same day. we’ll be running together in spirit!


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