thoughts that go through my head during a hot yoga class

  1. {sitting on my mat, before class} am i wearing the right things?
  2. do i look out of place?
  3. does this stretch make me look fat?
  4. should i move up?
  5. crap, i forgot to wet my mat, so my mat towel isn’t going to grip well
  6. maybe the sweat will help it out
  7. YES we’re starting in child’s pose
  8. happy place
  9. it’s funny how much i start out hating down dog and then by the end it’s all i want to do.
  10. OOOOOMMMMMMMMM yeah i kind of buy into this sometimes
  11. i love being warm
  12. starting vinyasas. crap. can’t i just walk in halfway through and skip this part?
  13. i still can’t touch my toes. sigh.
  14. i totally rock utkatasana.
  15. i wonder if i can add sanskrit to my resume? i mean, i understand a few words!
  17. THREE LEGGED DOG TO PLANK PUSHUPS. is he trying to kill me?
  18. cramps.
  19. picking up the pace. one pose per breath. i can’t keep up. do i look stupid?
  21. at least it doesn’t smell
  22. why am i here again
  23. ocean breathing. concentrate! shewwwwwwwww.
  24. balancing poses, FINALLY.
  25. i love triangle pose.
  26. i also love standing half moon pose.
  27. i love binds. i feel flexible.
  28. crow! crow! my favorite.
  29. dancer! my other favorite.
  30. eagle. slippery.
  31. he just said last pose till we’re back on the mat. hallelujah.
  32. happy baby! yes, that’s me.
  33. boat pose situps? BRING IT.
  34. plow. shoulder stand. all the strongs.
  35. maybe one of these days i’ll be able to hold wheel for longer than five seconds?
  36. bridge will suffice for now.
  37. NAP TIME!!!

5 thoughts on “thoughts that go through my head during a hot yoga class

    • this is a power vinyasa class, just done in a 90+ degree room! i love the heat – it really gets your muscles loose, and can almost feel bad “toxins” coming out through the sweat. as long as you have lots of water, it’s actually pretty enjoyable and you leave with such a great feeling!

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