currently: roundup

i think we can all agree that i’m failing miserably at the 30 day challenge. i got what, one day in? oh well, let’s just pretend that weekends don’t count. even though i had the laziest weekend, there is still nothing i’d rather do less than THINK and stare at the computer screen after 30+ hours of doing it at work all week.

today’s prompt is “things you want to say to an ex,” but i pretty much covered that during VEDA, so i’m passing it over for something else…just a little roundup of things i’m currently loving in life, in no particular order.

benefit hoola bronzer

i feel like i’ve tried ever bronzer on the market, and while i’ve used them until they’re gone, i’ve always felt a bit orange. enter: hoola, which my fellow cosmetics-obsessed friend brandy so kindly sent me last month, and i have been OBSESSED with it since day one. it’s the perfect shade for my skin, doesn’t have any glitter crap, and has lasted a lot longer than anything else i’ve tried. it is definitely going to stay a staple in my makeup bag for a while.

pretty soon i’m going to post/vlog something along the lines of a “whats in my makeup bag” or just a rundown of my daily makeup routine, since IRL i get a lot of questions about it, and also because i really just like talking about makeup and sharing it with others. any opposed?


if you follow me on twitter, you might have seen that i’ve been talking about smoothies more than once in the past few weeks. i don’t know when/why it started, but i’ve come to enjoy my morning smoothies, and am having fun creating different flavors and playing around with ingredients. my base smoothie is usually frozen strawberries and a banana with either coconut water or almond milk, and then i add flavored chobani yogurt and whatever other kind of fruit i have. past favorites have been a blood orange one and a chocolate peanut butter banana one. now i just need to get some protein powder to really make it beefy.

<—– this shirt and shoes combo. it’s actually really cute in person.


One thought on “currently: roundup

  1. I can not even function without a morning smoothie, I venture to say I have become dependent. I have no particular preference but I am partial to anything with mango.

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