marathon weekend 2011, part one

i would be lying if i said i hadn’t been looking forward to this weekend for weeks, if not months.

last year, i got my first taste of real race spectating when i went to cheer on a friend running the half marathon as part of philly marathon weekend. it was a few weeks before my first 10k, and was just the kick i needed to get my butt up again in the morning and run before the sun came up.

this year i waited too long to sign up for the half marathon, but was still dying to do SOMETHING to be involved. so naturally i found a way to be involved every.single. day.

on friday i dragged my coworker over to the expo during lunch so i could pick up my bib and swag and poke around the booths. i really wanted to see bart yasso from runner’s world, who has been answering some of my training questions via twitter, and i was delighted when i got a bonus hal higdon, who has some of the most popular training plans out there (i used his 10K and half marathon plans with great success).

in lieu of doing another HM, i signed up for the rothman institute 8k, which is just just shy of 5 miles, and takes place the morning before the marathon and half marathon. i won’t bore you with too many details (it wasn’t long enough for any, really!), but i’ll give a few highlights:

  • i parked about 6 blocks away from the starting area and arrived in plenty of time. it wasn’t until i got there that i realized i’d left my ipod in my car. BLERG. i really can’t run without it (unless i’m with a friend), so i quickly jogged back to my car. i got back to the starting area with about 10 minutes to spare, and luckily the area wasn’t too tightly packed so i was able to squeeze myself up to somewhere in the front/middle of the pack.
  • i absolutely loved running down the parkway and around logan circle, with the sun rising behind city hall, and back towards the art museum. i love philly.
  • the course was pretty flat, and most of it was on part of the loop i’ve run dozens of times, so it wasn’t anything unexpected. but for some reason, it just felt so much longer than before!
  • why do people sign up for races and then walk the whole thing?
  • my goal for this race was to do sub 45:00, and i managed to accomplish it with a little less training than i would have liked (my own fault). however, i pushed myself hard, and again was ready to share my breakfast with the world at the finish line (i managed to hold it back, though). final chip time was 43:44, at 8:47/mile. (my garmin begs to differ)

bag swag

i hung this outside my cube at work, because i'm obnoxious

k i’m really tired now and in an effort not to bore you with another day’s worth of race activities, i’ll save sunday’s recap for another post. SUSPENSE.


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