half marathon recap

i think my last post summed it up quite nicely, but i wanted to write this before i forgot everything. truly, i should have written it right after the fact, but life got in the way.

so. the half marathon. i basically went into to completely happy. it was a complete repeat of broad street, where i’d build up all these nerves, and then suddenly just accepted that it was happening, and to just let myself enjoy it and experience it rather than make myself miserable and nervous, further hindering my performance. my personal goal for myself was 2:00 or less, but i even said to everyone it would probably be more realistically 2:05 or 2:10.

eliz and mr. c kindly picked me up around 6:30am and we drove to the start, parked, bag-dropped, the ush. it was COLD. 44 degrees, and i was wearing a tank top singlet and leggings. the announcer lady sang the national anthem and it was kind of horrible, and then the marathon started. the half was to start 15 minutes later, and with every passing minute, the announcer lady counted down. eliz and i promptly made fun of this. “14 GLORIOUS MINUTES!”

anyway, then it started. we started up a hill – splendid. it was fine, actually. we rounded a few corners and then we were on east ave, face to face with the rising sun, and it was blinding. i clocked my first mile around 9 minutes and knew i was off to a great start.

things got testy at 3ish miles when we hit the first big hill. miles 3.5 to 7 were basically rolling hills, which looking back i think was actually better, because once you recover you have to go up another one, and you don’t get the satisfaction of a flat surface, so you don’t know what you’re missing. does that even make sense? it did to me when we hit the flat part at mile 7, and suddenly my legs freaked out and felt like they weighed one million bazillion pounds.

miles 7-12 are pretty much a blur. a big ol’ mentally challenging blur, but where some pretty cool stuff happened. first, there was what i mentioned about the teenage boy in my last post, about how people would pass him and encourage him. when i stopped to walk off to the side for about 20 seconds, 5 people encouraged me to keep going – and it really felt meaningful. even though this was a small race, you could tell we were all pulling for each other. that is really why i love races, and the running community in general.

these miles were so beautiful, running along the erie canal and the genesee river. it was the most gorgeous, cloudless, blue sky morning, and the small rochester skyline in the distance kept getting closer and closer. no doubt i was felling pretty miserable, but with every mile i knew i could do it more and more. i kept thinking back to my cross-country and track days, about how my coaches would feel if they knew what i was doing now. i thought about all the people who have been so supportive and encouraging, especially madeline who traveled with me and endured a weekend with my crazy family. i thought about clare and elizabeth, who will be running twice this distance in 2 weeks, and how freaking amazing they are. i thought back to these quotes that the amazing nicole sent the night before, especially this one i’d sent to her and ameena the night before:

“Happiness is a choice -– be happy or miserable, the distance is the same.” (source)

just like the good old cross country days, i found my second wind in the last few minutes. the crowds picked up, and although i knew i was a few minutes over my goal, i was so stoked to accomplish this giant goal of mine, to see and feel all of my hard work and early mornings worth it.

thank you all for your kind words and encouragement! i ran for each and every one of you. if you need running advice/inspiration/motivation, you know where to go!

and just to keep you in the loop, my upcoming races…

Runnin’ on the River 5k (maybe?) (10/1)

Run the Bridge 10k (11/6)

Rothman Institute 8k (11/19) [i’ll be volunteering the next day at a water stop for the philly marathon. free swag, holla!]

edited to add – my splits (disclaimer – i hit “lap” at each mile marker, which were obviously a little off at points, but it added up in the end!)

(it reads – lap/time lap recorded – distance of lap – actual time of lap – average pace per lap/mile)


3 thoughts on “half marathon recap

  1. Ah! I am just so excited for you I can’t even get over it. I think what I have gotten myself in to is really starting to sink in and I’m kind of freaking out a little bit, but I think that I am just going to try and channel that in to positive energy in order to keep me motivated. Yay for running!

  2. I’m sooooo proud of you! All you fabulous running ladies are making me think I could do something crazy like run a half marathon. You’re an absolute inspiration!

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