13.1 thoughts that go through your head while running a half marathon

on sunday, i ran my first half marathon. these were my some of the ADD thoughts i had throughout the run. i’ll write a recap later, but for now, this.

  1. it is COLD. like, i can’t feel my fingers cold. did i eat enough? i can’t eat this early in the morning. that bagel tasted like cardboard. i still love you, wegmans.
  2. the sun! my eyes! thank goodness i wore a hat. guess i’ll just stare at the ground for a few miles.
  3. is that a guy in a gorilla suit? yes, yes it is.
  4. crap, a hill. crap, another hill. crap, ANOTHER HILL.
  5. haha, that lady totally got owned by the police. hello! you can’t drive down a road with 1,500+ runners on it!
  6. oh look, somebody i know! i mrs. c!
  7. oh look, there are my parents and madeline!! i think i’ll do some silly things and completely lose my form. i hope madeline got a good picture! (vain)
  9. eat my dust!*
  10. omg this GU is disgusting. pineapple does not translate well to gooey form. OMG THERE IS THE GORILLA AGAIN!
  11. my neck, my back….are completely seized and i cannot run and i’m totally going to fail and omg i’ve never run more than 10 miles and now i’m at 10.5 and there is less than a 5k left I THINK I CAN DO THIS. YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE AND ALL THE OTHER QUOTES I KNOW!
  12. there is a 13 year old running next to me.** omg.
  13. the balloon thing marking the last mile was totally way off. what a trick.

.1. I MADE IT I REALLY DID IT. oh hey there is mrs. c again! now let me drop on my back in the middle of foot traffic and roll around. yeah, that feels good.


*i really wasn’t thinking it in a mean way. every person out there was amazing! you just have to tell yourself these things.

**i ran next to this kid for about a half mile. every person who passed us said “good job” orΒ  “keep it up, you’re doing great” to him. i thought it was really nice, and i gave him a big smile and wave when i (finally had the energy) sped up.


10 thoughts on “13.1 thoughts that go through your head while running a half marathon

  1. This was awesome! Congrats on finishing. When I run I have to do the whole positive self-talk thing or I eventually give up. I really just started running regularly and I signed up for my first 5k this weekend… so I will be reciting “all the quotes I know” to get to the finish line!!

  2. congratulations on finishing! i love all this inner dialogue πŸ˜‰ i’m doing a 5k this weekend. i know it’s nothing in comparison, but oh man, when i did a 10k a few weeks ago, i was like… WHYYYYYY?!

  3. Ah yay! I love the way you captured this race. In fact, I laughed several times reading this on the bus. I’m so happy for you! Thank you for giving me the inspiration I need. Oh and also I really really think we need to start looking in to doing a race together. Ragnar anyone?

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  5. Congratulations! I have the highest admiration for runners…I flat out hyperventilate when I do cardio so I’ve never run for more than 45 mins at a time. I’ve always wondered what those running races must be thinking and how they get through it! πŸ™‚ So proud of you!

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