the #JeepXP

i don’t fancy myself to be a big-time blogger, so i was surprised when i was contacted a while back to test drive a car for a week as part of a blogger outreach PR program. obviously i jumped at the chance!

when i picked up the jeep—a pretttyyyy 2011 jeep compass—my biggest worry was driving in the city during rush hour. i mapped out my route a million times and had to do some pretty interesting breathing exercises before i took off. turns out, it was all for nothing—it was totally fine, because it had IN DASH NAVIGATIONNNN (oprah voice). since i’m only used to a little toyota with the bare minimum, this car was like a rolls royce to me.

another thing i was worried about? parking the thing. i don’t have a driveway, and have to parallel park my car 99% of the time. after a year, i’ve just gotten used to parking my own little car—how was i going to park this big thing? easily, it turned out. i think i parked it better than i park my own car!

the jeep went everywhere with me that week—to the train station, to target, even to the 5k i ran! my biggest adventure with the jeep was a short roadtrip up near the lehigh valley with madeline. i really got a good feel for the jeep, we got to use the gps liberally (btw, the entire car talks to you when this is on—it’s pretty funny), and surprisingly, we got excellent gas mileage. the car held all of our crap comfortably, and it was a very smooth and easy ride. on the way, i told madeline that when i was driving the jeep, i suddenly became a patient driver, just because i was happy to be in the car. this is probably because it wasn’t my own car, but still! it was a great time.

my most favorite thing about the car is really the nerdiest—i loved the technology. the in-dash screen was pretty sweet, and the CD player access was like, future technology. the sound system was bumpin’, and there were multiple REAL outlets to plug stuff into. this would have come in veryyy handy for my cross-country road trip a few years ago!

sadly, the time to return the car came too quickly, and i once again drove back into the city during rush hour, this time much more patient. i was initially given a spec sheet with all of the info about the car, and i realized that it’s really a great value for everything you get. when it comes time to buy a new car, i will probably look into the jeep again. although i didn’t drive it in the snow, i know that jeeps, and this particular model, are supposed to be excellent in the snow, which would be perfect for hilly philly. my only complaint? the leather seats in the summer—hot hot hot, and oh, the sweat!

disclaimer: i was provided the jeep compass to drive for a week, but was not compensated in any way for my review. all opinions are honest and my own.


5 thoughts on “the #JeepXP

  1. That is so awesome! Did they say how they came across your blog or chose you? It is cool to be a star for a bit and chosen! YAY FOR YOU! I would have been so sad to return it!

  2. That’s such an awesome opportunity! I’m totally in love with Jeeps, as my dad always had Wranglers when I was a kid. They’re great vehicles, for sure.

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