Blog Swap: Summer, baby.

Hi all! I’m Kaci from Kaci Johanna. I was paired with Tara as part of the ninth 20-Something Bloggers Blog Swap, and am so. excited. and proud to be here! You can read Tara’s entry on my blog here!

I can’t believe it’s the middle of August already. I know everybody always says that, “I can’t believe it’s [insert time of year] already!” But seriously?


I mean. Because it’s the middle of August already, that also means I’ve been married a MONTH already. That also means I’m working on my 25th week of pregnancy already.


Also, TWENTY FIVE WEEKS. That means in, like, 15, we’re gonna have a baby.

Cue head explosion.

This summer has absolutely flown by, but it’s brought some of the most amazing moments… moments I never want to forget.

I got married to my best friend and the love of my life.

We’re going to have a son. My 20-week ultrasound, which revealed the child we are expecting in December is a BOY, was just three days before our wedding. My mom, who was with us during the ultrasound, is beyond excited to get her first grandson. After five granddaughters, can you blame her?

My workplace is amazing. During the couple weeks preceding our wedding, and the week following our wedding, my boss and other “boss” (also, the only other two people at work during the summer) basically didn’t let me work much. They knew better than I did that, with the pregnancy progressing and Big Day fast approaching, I needed more time at home than I was going to allow myself. It was very kind of them and so humbling to know they care so much about me, my health, my sanity and my happiness.

Typically, my summers seem to fly by. So it’s no surprise to me that this summer – possibly my busiest summer ever in my whole entire life – has basically been nonexistent.

And when I say “busy,” I mean. it. I already mentioned the baby-on-the-way and the wedding, but there was also a weekend honeymoon trip, one family reunion weekend (and another to go) and this week. Oh, this week. I’m in the middle of the second of five days of a 6am-10pm schedule. And there was the trip to Vegas to kick it all off – Bloggers in Sin City was an amazing, whirlwind of an experience, and I’m so glad I got to go (and meet Tara!).

“Busy” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

But, then again… neither does “happy.”

Are you having a good summer?


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