internal debates

this is what usually goes through my mind every morning.

*alarm goes off at 6 am*

devil voice: hit snooze! you don’t need to run today.

angel voice: turn that off and get out of bed! you need to run this morning.

DV: but you can run after work. it will be refreshing!

AV: no, you’ll mess up your whole schedule. you need to cross train tomorrow and you can’t do both that close together.

DV: just do a short run! you can make up the miles tomorrow on the dreadmill.

AV: no, you’ve made it this far, you can keep it up!

DV: even the best runners take some days off. listen to your body!

AV: you’ll never reach your goal if you don’t GET UP AND RUN!

99% of the time, i end up getting out of bed. because i’ve made this commitment and i’m really big on goals and hate letting myself down.

this morning in particular i was really fighting it. like, really badly. i just feel so worn down and i know there won’t be a break in the near future. but i did it. and it ended up being a great run. but then i realized that i’ll have to get up even earlier in the coming weeks because my mileage is increasing so much. GAH.

running is such an individual thing. unless you’re running with a group, it’s all you, fighting that mental fight with every stride. and unless you’re elite and famous, nobody cares if you got up at 5:30 to run 6 miles. i’m sorry that i talk about it so much. i’ll try to stop.

but it will all be worth it, right?


4 thoughts on “internal debates

  1. Hey, I have an angel voice and devil voice too! Fortunately, I have a running coach who inspires me, and she has this great blog called Blogs by Tara.

  2. It will absolutely be worth it. And I think running, in general, not just the getting up and doing it part, is mostly mental. Sure, you’ve got to train your body to handle it, but I think getting your brain in the right mind set is also pretty key to knocking out a run.

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