around these parts

i will not apologize for my lack of posts, because i am not sorry. HA! i’ve been having too much fun running around and being busy and all that jazz.

so quick life recap (if i can even remember it all):

  • the last weekend in MAY* was known as the “tara and madeline are dating” weekend because we did everything together. zoo night for work, eating all of the things philadelphia has to offer, and a concert in the park to see stephen kellogg. superb.
  • july 4th weekend – new york city/brooklyn to visit some of fairport’s finest. squeezed in a few runs in prospect park (and got lost). went to williamsburg. ate good food. sat on a boat/bar admiring the view of manhattan. walked the high line. did not see fireworks (we are directionally challenged.)
  • the next weekend i went home to rochester and hung out with the folks and the cats. it was a perfectly beautiful weekend and i even got to see kevy and laurel!
  • the NEXT weekend bob came to visit and it was SO FUN and we ate more of all of the things.
  • then the heat wave came and i basically became a slave to my window unit AC and stayed in my room in my underwear all day. except for when madeline and i went out 2 da clubz where the AC was BROKEN and it looked/smelled like everyone had just been swimming in the ocean. then we ordered pizza at 2:30am and i sang some amy winehouse (RIP) and ben folds to serenade madeline to sleep.
  • speaking of ben folds, the next day we went to see him perform at the XPN festival and it was amazing. it was my first time seeing him live and it was so worth it! we just wish he would have played longer 😦
  • let’s see…oh yes. during all of this i got a second “job,” working for the local sport and social league (where i also play kickball). i say “job” because it’s a few hours a week of sitting around handing out drink tickets and being friendly/making friends. madeline is doing it too, because i bribed her.
  • and RIGHT NOW AT THIS VERY MOMENT i am participating in a really cool blogger outreach program that i will of course fill you in on next week. let’s just say that it involves a very cool car that rhymes with HEEP.
  • there’s a lot coming up in the next few weekends and it’s making me tired just thinking about it.

OH! and in the middle of all of this, i’m training for my first half marathon. so i run 3-4x a week in this insane heat. i love it (most of the time). sometimes i bike, too. i’m running these upcoming races:

rainbow ridge 5k (7/30)

team livestrong challenge philly 10k (8/20)

rochester half marathon (9/18)

congrats to you for making it through my ramblings. here, have some cake that i made you…

p.s. my future mantra for all upcoming runs/races


3 thoughts on “around these parts

  1. While I love my roommate (my fiance) a part of me would love to live with you and Madeline! I miss you guys and you gals are the just the best! I want to go on a lady date with you girls too!!! AND I was insanely jealous when Bob visited and I saw the picture of the three! You sure have been busy, and sometimes you just have to live and enjoy! Miss you! xoxo

  2. You guys sound like you have an incredible amount of fun and I got to say, I’m a little jealous. I never lived with a close female, always boyfriends, with the exception of my dorm mate in college and it just sounds like so much fun!

  3. Ooh, good luck with the half marathon! And I’m UBER jealous! I want an iPhone so bad. You should do a post highlighting it so you can make me even more jealous to the point where I simply have to go out and get one too. 😉
    Sounds like your having a great time amidst busy-ness! And what a cute video! I like the mantra.

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