like a bullet in the back

back during one of facebook’s many reinventions, they used to have that little quote box under your profile picture. for the last little bit of that little box’s time on facebook, the content in mine was:

“happiness hit her
like a bullet in the back.”

it was pretty much the perfect way to describe my life at that point – last spring and summer especially, finally living on my own, growing into my own, and just really living life to the fullest. (for the record, i liked that song/florence and the machine wayyy before they got popular.) i felt happier than i’d ever felt before, and it really just HIT me all of a sudden.

anyway. i was pretty much on cloud nine until the end of may, when i was thrown for a loop and lost my happiness footing in an instant. i still feel like i’m recovering, but it’s getting easier every day. good friends who are always there (and creepily read your mind). visits to and from friends. concerts and food and a jam-packed summer to keep your mind off of things. and when you have all of this to keep you happy, life really does seem good.

i’m ready for that bullet again, universe.

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2 thoughts on “like a bullet in the back

  1. There’s no question that you are the total woman in so many ways besides your obvious abilities to cook (and eat).

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