i love my friends part 5

i’m not really sure how many of these i’ve done, it’s been far too long. i need to get on it, because they’re fun. anyway, madeline finally filled this out (three months later…) so please enjoy. madeline and i are kind of scarily similar and hence we are kind of an awesome duo. my comments are in italics.

this is madeline and she loves camels! jk!

Where do you live?
In Tara’s House. {philadelphia, and if you don’t know that by now, for shame}

How did we meet?
Internetz, via the great @livitluvit {we should have some kind of twitter story done on us}

What is your favorite thing to cook?
Soup {and ramen. and mac and cheese.}

What is your favorite beauty product?
It used to be L’Occitane’s Radiance Moisturizing Cream until they discontinued it. My face hasn’t been the same since. I’m too distraught to pick a new favorite.

What is one thing you can’t help but splurge on?
Shoes and Cheese

What movie can you recite by heart?
Love Actually {now that she lives with me, i don’t have to borrow it anymore!}

What is your favorite TV show?
Do you have an hour? {she may or may not have done a recurring DVR setting for the duggars/19 kids and counting}

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Afternoon nap between the hours of 2pm-4pm {this is 100% true. i also vote we add romantic rooftop dates to this}

What is one trend that totally victimized you?
I’ve blocked those things from my memory.

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would you chose?
Someone whose office has floor to ceiling windows and whose wallet contains enough money to order whatever I want for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you could eat dinner with any 3 people, dead or alive, who would you chose?
I don’t like to have meals with strangers. Eating is too personal for me.

What is your favorite comfort food?
Macaroni and Cheese

What famous person do you think you most resemble? OR If a movie was made about your life, who would play you? Who would play me?
…I don’t even watch movies… {obviously kim kardashian}

What is your favorite memory of us together?
Not appropriate for the internets. {EVERYTHING}


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