the one where i get my hair did

let me tell you a story about a girl.

this girl loves getting good deals, so when she saw one she’d been looking for on a discount deal site, she totally bought it. $22 for a color, cut, blowdry, curl (or press and curl). she was on it like fry sauce on…fries.

this girl was so excited to finally get her hair colored at not an outrageously expensive cost, and at a place that wasn’t supercuts.

the day of her appointment, this girl expressed concern to her roommate that this salon may not…well, serve her demographic very often.

this girl went to her appointment anyway.

then this girl walked into, as it said on the window, “a multicultural salon.”

when this girl walked in, everyone in there thought she was lost…or just lost her mind.

this girl was embarrassed, but went with it, because she knew it would “totally go in my blog.”

(and also because she really needed her hair done.)

this girl was there for 2 hours, sitting with the regulars under the dryers, acting like it wasn’t anything.

this girl felt like mary-kate and ashley in new york minute (WATCH THIS) when they end up at 125th street and have that epic fashion show at the beauty shop.

this girl TOTALLY fit in (not).

this girl is glad she went through with it, because it turned out great.

but this girl probably won’t go back there again.


7 thoughts on “the one where i get my hair did

  1. I immediately thought of New York Minute before you even mentioned it. “Your in Big Momma’s House of Bling. This is where Bling was born. This is where Bling lives!”

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