a spoonful of sugar

baking cures. for real.

late in the afternoon, i started getting the sads for no real reason. i’m chalking it up to just being “one of those days,” and also in part (probably mostly) to this (which, thankfully i have not had that bad of an experience with).

so i did what i always do when i get the moody blues – i plugged in my mixer and baked.

if you’re not reading how sweet it is, you should probably think about adding it to your reader now. because everything she makes is genius, and it’s all her own, and i’ve made plenty of stuff from there and have NEVER had a problem/complaint/inch added to my waistline (that last one is a lie). she is the sweetest person on the internet, i think. my coworkers request these cookies just about every week. (and dear mom, i still make your food, too!)

anyway, i’d been wanting to make these cupcakes (Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Chocolate Cheesecake Frosting….YES) for over a week, and since i had all of the ingredients, i just went for it. and you know what? it helped. because you really can’t replicate the feeling of accomplishment once you’ve made the most delicious baked goods ever. (apologies for the crappy phone pictures. if you knew how many stairs were in my house…you wouldn’t want to get your regular camera, either.)


2 thoughts on “a spoonful of sugar

  1. I had not been reading her blog and then all of a sudden, today, as I’m catching up on blog reading, I see it mentioned EVERYWHERE. Point taken! She’s been added to my reader and I’ve spent much of the afternoon drooling over her recipes.

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