twenty four and one half.

true story – in elementary school, the principal announced birthdays over the intercom during morning announcements. when your name was called, you’d go to the office and get a special birthday ribbon. i’m still not sure how i did it, but i managed to get one on my half-birthday one year…i was so sneaky back then.

what is this? i don't even.

today, june 12th, marks my half-birthday. halfway done with 24, halfway to go until 25. i don’t celebrate it like i did when i was a kid, in fact, it’s usually just another day. but as my life keeps changing, i keep thinking about what i’ve done, where i’ve been, and where i’m going. so like so many others, i’m doing a “list.” since i only have 6 months to go until 25 – and there’s still so much i want to accomplish – i decided to do 26 before 26, instead of 25 before 25. this gives me 1 1/2 years to do all of this. 547.5 days. can i do it?

  1. Go to Europe/somewhere overseas/somewhere where I need a passport
  2. Complete a half marathon (planned: September 2011)
  3. Own a pair of designer shoes – NOT paid with using a credit card
  4. Go on a cruise
  5. Start my 401(k)
  6. Read at least one book a month
  7. Go to at least one game of every major Philly sports team
  8. Conquer my fear and give blood
  9. Become actively involved in a Philly community/club/team (does kickball count!?)
  10. Participate in a charity event
  11. Master my favorite recipes/create some new ones
  12. Raise money for a race
  13. Become a better photographer
  14. See another Broadway show
  15. Lose 10 lbs.
  16. Hike a mountain
  17. Meet a celebrity
  18. Do karaoke in front of a large group of strangers
  19. Attend a music festival
  20. Take a class to learn a new skill
  21. Try 5 foods I’ve never had/have refused to try before
  22. Host a REAL dinner party
  23. See my name in REAL print
  24. Watch all the Harry Potter movies consecutively, no breaks.
  25. Go on a trip by myself
  26. Meet 10 new bloggers (BiSC 2012?)

maybe i’ll go make myself a half cake? who am i kidding…i’d just eat the whole thing. cupcakes it is!

EDITED TO ADD: i realized that the end date for all of this is december 12, 2012 – YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??? 2012??!?! right before the world ends (heh). i need to make some crazier goals, i think.


7 thoughts on “twenty four and one half.

  1. You got them to celebrate you half birthday? How late did school go in the summer? I never had my birthday celebrated in school or work or barely my 21st either, because my bday is xmas eve! I love this list. So many great things you aspire to do and maybe a couple we could even do together! (aka cruise? passport trip?)

    Happy Half Birthday!! xoxo

    • thanks! in new york, school can go as late as the june twenties, like the 23rd or 24th. i know, so late! i’m glad you’re a fellow december birthday – nobody understands! i was always taking finals in college on my birthdays 😦

      • I don’t remember how late school went when I was little. December bday’s do suck – My jewish friends were on vacation and my christian friends were in church! When I was little I would get whatever was leftover in the stores from xmas shoppers if I celebrated around my bday – so I finally figured out that it was best to have a party in January because the store shelves were restocked by then. AND it was too close to Hannukah/holidays so my birthday was always combined! Hopefully the Mayan’s got it wrong and next year we’ll have something to Celebrate on your birthday!

  2. No wonder I love you so much – you share a birthday with one of my best friends. Also, my birthday is March 12 and I’m pretty sure anyone born on the 12th of any month is a good/fabulous/wonderful person. Happy half birthday and cheers to your list – you’ve got lots of fabulous things on there!

    • thanks lady! sometimes i hate my december birthday, but then i remember that next year it will be on 12-12-12 and that’s just the coolest. hollaaa to us 12’s!

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