things i thought were cool when i was younger…

…and now realize don’t matter, or are not cool AT ALL.

  1. half shirts/belly shirts
  2. shortalls
  3. overalls
  4. having your last name start with a letter at the beginning of the alphabet
  5. having a long name
  6. having blonde hair
  7. having curly hair
  8. having cable (debatable)
  9. having a hardshell lunchbox
  10. JNCO jeans
  11. Mudd jeans
  12. l.e.i. jeans
  13. basically, any brand-name tween clothing
  14. old navy tech vests
  15. having the best pencil case
  16. having the better backpack flair
  17. vans with those seats that folded down into car seats (WHAT)
  18. cars with systems that told you what door was open (seriously, this is what i was jealous of)
  19. FLY 92.3
  20. glasses
  21. braces (rite of passage OK…i never had them!)
  22. glasses and braces at the same time (HAHAH JK)
  23. the laser background for school pictures
  24. glamour shots
  25. cross-stitch
  26. trampolines (still cool sometimes)
  27. adidas shoes/flip flops
  28. platform flip flops

feel free to add more…


4 thoughts on “things i thought were cool when i was younger…

  1. i definitely had glasses and braces. i think my parents hated me. i used to be jealous of the kids who get to sit in the station wagons with the seats that face backwards cause that’s trippy. but i’m not jealous of the drivers behind the station wagon because it’s really awkward to have kids stare at you while you drive and it’s also really not safe for those kids to be there in the first place. and i’m still jealous of people with the which car door is open lights. that shit is brilliant!

  2. JNCO JEANS!!!! Those were the best – oh my goodness how I loved them. And we’d all brag about who had the widest leg opening…no matter how wide though, we all looked like assholes.

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