the one where i feel like kim kardashian // BiSC recap

i’ve been staring at this page for a while and i don’t even know where to begin. everything is still so fresh in my mind, all jumbled together with amazing memories, and the only words i can seem to muster fall along the lines of “AMAZING/FANTASTIC/AWESOME/INCREDIBLE/WONDERFUL.”

photo credit: rebecca freeman

for those who follow my twitter but have no idea what i was talking about last week and/or witnessed my thousand conversations and dinner plans, i was in VEGASSSSSS for bloggers in sin city (#BiSC) 2011, a giant meetup of 57 bloggers from across north america (yes, canada too!) where we basically just basked in each others awesomeness for four days. when people (at work) asked why i was going, i really didn’t know how to respond. it wasn’t a convention or a conference. and how do you explain a meetup to people who aren’t familiar with the social internets?

i don’t know why i didn’t have any nerves going into it – i was just so super excited to meet all these fabulous people i’d been stalking on twitter for months. and i was ready to have FUN. and FUN i did have.

a few memories that i’ll never, ever forget:

  • blogger bingo, where we were all forced out of our comfort zone to do some crazy things. we all bonded quickly because of that, eh?
  • VIP poolside treatment, with all of the beds and all of the chairs and all of the conversation and pictures.
  • absinthe @ Caesars, which was mind-blowingly crazy funny beautiful that i couldn’t tell if my headache after it was from laughing/smiling/aweing/caffeine withdrawl.
  • more VIP treatment at chateau (@ChateauLV) thanks to carly, wherein we received at least $1,000 worth of goods for about $15 each. do you know how valuable a chair is during a night out in vegas?? dancing the night away, making some new Canadian friends, and walking back at 3:30 am still feeling like i could do it all over again.
  • the most delicious dinner ever and great conversation at mon ami gabi with 10 fabulous ladies.
  • kaci’s surprise bachelorette party, and how stinking excited everyone was for her, and how excited she was. you could just feel the love in that room, i swear.
  • EVEN MORE VIP treatment at PURE nightclub, skipping the line and making everyone jealous, and getting the dance floor to ourselves so we could bust out our fierce dance moves. you know everyone in that line is going to start a blog now just to get in on that action. (later that night – caryn breaking the rules and getting yelled out by a security guard, who she then made friends with and got his card. work it, girlfriend).

in the end, as many of us have said, this trip wasn’t just about being in vegas – it was about making 56 new best friends and being surrounded by internet nerds and geeks who understand our little world. anyone who is willing to put themselves out there online for everyone to see is automatically awesome in my book.

i would do it all again – IN HEELS (but really, next year i’m only wearing flats) – just to be with these people again. may 2012 is just too far away.

i don’t feel like i can ever do this justice with just words. so here are some pictures (coming soon!), and a video from the fabulous apocalypstic, and link love to some fabulous recap posts that are 10x better than mine. and big final thank you to the great and powerful nicole for being the best in the world and hooking us all up. words can’t describe how wonderful you are.


Bloggers in Sin City from Almie Rose on Vimeo

some recaps to make you even more jealous:

rachael, katelin, michelle, maxie, bob, nico, lauren

edit: a stupid boy came along and ruined this awesome life high that i’ve been riding, but i’m still in good spirits thanks to all of my Biscuits. thank you all so much again ❤


21 thoughts on “the one where i feel like kim kardashian // BiSC recap

    • haha it wasn’t anything big, just went into the VIP area “without permission” to take a picture, although she totally did ask (though apparently, not the right person).

  1. You’re right, it wasn’t just about being in Vegas. I told my boyfriend that I still would have gone to “Bloggers in Milwaukee” if it meant that I would have still met everyone.


  2. The heels really killed everyone, eh? Maybe next year we should try to get a foot massage company for a sponsor? 😉

    Great recap, and best rooftop couch-dance crew ever.

  3. we should do a Bloggers Mexican Meet Up for a whole week! 4 days just isnt enough when you are with such fun and amazing people !

    ps – thanks for the link love!

    pps – wasn’t it THE BEST when we skipped the line at PURE and everyone was like “who are THEY??”. Total Kardashian moment! haha

    • love that! mexico! lets go to mexico!! OR in CHICAGO!! chicago is the center of America – so we can meet in the middle! (and not horribly far from canada!)

  4. I love you name twin! You rock socks and I’m so glad you’re super awesome and not at all lamesauce. You totally won me over and I can’t wait to see you again!

    • and i love YOU! you know what – i had read your army blog post before i met you and then FORGOT (quel horror) that it was you – you are so incredibly badass and amazing i can’t even stand it.

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  6. It really was an amazing trip! Looking back, I don’t know why I was so nervous either… it was so, so great. So great to meet you!

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