embarrassing myself since 1986

i’m taking a break from packing and non-stop “the united states of tara” catch-up to bring you this critical and embarrassing update.

first, if you haven’t read this article, please do.

second, know that i was your average samantha-doll having girl. i wanted all the fancy things and i thought (knew) samantha was the best because she was rich (clearly). i also fancied myself a look-alike, before the look-alike dolls came around.

my samantha doll came to me as the result of one out of the only two joint b-day/christmas presents that were actually awesome (the second was my box set of the entire 10 seasons of friends. thank you aunt deb and aunt jeannie!)

anyway…i apparently loved my samantha doll a little too much. in other news, I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM PUTTING THESE ON THE INTERNET. ENJOY.


7 thoughts on “embarrassing myself since 1986

  1. ha I totally had Samantha and the lookalike was basically just her again but slightly lighter brown and eyes more green than brown! I WISH I had the pics as evidence, I’ll find them sooner or later.

    Nice bangs!!!!!

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