broad street run recap

well, broad street has come and gone. i can’t believe it’s over. i’ve been training since january! anyway, the run was amazing. i won’t call it a “race” because really, like i was going to come in first? who was i racing? nobody but myself.

i wish i had some dramatic come-from-behind story to make it more exciting, but really, the entire run was amazing. but i’ll break it down mile by mile, for my own benefit and reflection (and anyone who is interested!)

getting to the start was an adventure…i parked quickly, caught the subway with 3284284 others (and nabbed a seat!), and made my way up north. i sat around and stretched for a while, downed a clif bar, stood in line for 45 minutes for the bathroom, and checked my gear. i headed off to the gray corral and waited for 8:30 to arrive. i was also so so so happy that the weather was perfection. slightly cold, but not too cold for shorts and a short-sleeve tee. also? no wind!

mile 1 – my corral didn’t start until about 20 minutes after the official start, which was actually good because it gave me some time to keep stretching and warming up in my small little space and finish up my shot blocks. the first mile was easy breezy, i wasn’t pushing myself too hard because i wanted to find my pace. i crossed 1 mile at 9:30 and decided to pick it up, because i was feeling good.

mile 2 – i completely missed the 2nd mile marker and was wondering if i was just running a lot slower than i thought! i was still feeling good. i think i did this in 9/9:15.

mile 3 – a recap/guide i read prior to the race said that at mile 3, you should feel like you haven’t even run at all. i kept this in mind when i crossed mile 3, and definitely felt right. i kept my eye on city hall, knowing that i’d see my parents in just 20 minutes! my right shin started to hurt at this point, but not to the point that i needed to stop. i ran through it, and the pain went away in minutes. i was just happy to know that i wouldn’t end with an injury (well, hopefully).

mile 4 – the crowds started to get bigger, and i was just taking it all in. i knew i was running a bit faster at this point, but was still feeling good.

mile 5 – i clocked in at 45 mins during this mile, and gulped down half a GU. gross. my hands were all sticky, and at the next water station, i just grabbed a cup and dumped my hands in it. onto see my folks! i told them to stand around the bend at city hall, so i got to the right hand side and kept my eye out. then out of the corner of my eye, i see my mom on the OTHER side! i did a quick side run over there to give them a wave, but didn’t want to slow down. just knowing they’d seen me was good enough to keep me going!

mile 6 – i passed the 6 mile mark at 54/55, and my only thought was “wow, i’m 6 minutes faster than my 10K time just 5 months ago!” i was also thinking that this run was halfway over and i was actually getting kind of sad. the crowds were amazing, and i turned off my ipod just to hear them cheer. definitely some welcomed encouragement!

mile 7 – just a blur. i popped some sport jellybeans and kept it up. still didn’t hit the wall, so i was just enjoying my energy and praying that i never would!

mile 8 – still a blur. i’d never been in south philly before, so i had no idea where i was.

mile 9 – my left shoulder started to pull a lot, and i had some pain like i’d experienced before (but hadn’t had for a while). i just concentrated on making it go away! and it did, miraculously. i was running on the median, approaching the navy yard. so fun!

mile 10 – i crossed the 9 mile mark at 1:24ish, so i knew i wasn’t going to make my goal of 1:30 without some superhuman boost of energy. put i focused on just keeping up the pace, and enjoying the massive crowds. i crossed the finish line very strong -almost sprinting- at 1:32:34 – which made my last mile the fastest! i got my medal, my pretzel and other food, and after a long search and many phone calls, finally met up with my parents and boyfriend.

i cannot stress enough how amazing this run was. perfect weather, perfect pace, perfect crowds, perfect everything. i already can’t wait until next year. prior to sunday, i was only considering a half marathon, but it’s become definite now! rochester half marathon, here i come.


4 thoughts on “broad street run recap

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  2. Ahhh, Tara! This is so amazing and makes me extremely pumped to do BSR this year! You said you started training in January? Did you follow some sort of plan? If so, I’d love to see it. I’ve only done a 5K at this point, so I know I’m going to need lots of time to train.

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