on my list

people who…are on my list, lately.

  • people who get on the first stair, on the left, of an empty escelator and just STOP
  • people who stop walking in the middle of the sidewalk when i’m right behind them
  • people who stand in front of exits/entrances/stairs/etc having a conversation and are oblivious to the traffic jam they’re causing
  • people who refuse to sit in the middle seat on the train and hold up oncoming passengers
  • people who leave dog poo on the sidewalk/middle of the trail
  • people who don’t stop for pedestrians
  • people who turn any lane into their own personal left turn lane
  • people who go under the speed limit on the highway
  • people who have way to many issues checking out at LOFT
  • people who butt in front of me in line for lunch
  • people who don’t know how to copy and paste
  • people who don’t know/refuse to follow simple grammar rules
  • people who can’t figure out what’s wrong with my car
  • people who break my friend’s hearts

feel free to add your own.


4 thoughts on “on my list

  1. Also, people who stop in the middle of the a busy airport, where the majority of foot traffic is, to dig through their bags and pockets. Drives me crazy and I almost always run into them.

  2. People who park their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle and walk away from them to browse somewhere else!!

  3. People who put their shopping carts in a parking spot, making me have to get out of the car to move the cart so I can park there.

  4. People who get all uppity and act like junior high mean girls by buying up all the cardigans in the tri-state area and thereby creating a fucking MONOPOLY on cardigans, which wreaks havok on your plans for what YOU will wear over your sundress during afternoon tea in honor of The Wedding next week.

    Seriously. My friend isn’t talking to me right now because I joked that since she’s purchased all viable cardigan options, I’ll just wear a jean jacket. Or a hoodie. Because the whole thing is ABSURD and I don’t care anymore. FTW

    Girls are stupid.

    Hi. By the way, INAUGURAL COMMENT. What a way to make an impression.

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