my philadelphia


if you’ve been reading my blog for the past few months, or if you know me personally, you’ll know that in the past six months or so i’ve picked up running as my exercise of choice. from 6th-10th grades i was involved in cross country and track, but after many frustrating injuries, i traded my running shoes in for theater shoes. however, seeing the positive impact running was having on my friends, i decided to make a change and get my rear in gear once again.
in a few short weeks, i’m running the broad street run here in philadelphia, a 10 mile straight shooter course down the longest street in philly, and i couldn’t be more excited. not only will i be running with some great friends, i’ll also get to experience my adopted city in a brand new way.

while searching for new music to add to my playlist, i decided to finally add the “rocky theme,” in addition to a few other philadelphia themed pump-up songs. though i haven’t seen any of the Rocky movies (i should get on that, huh?), this one is really inspiring (click…it won’t embed. i promise it’s worth it!)
tomorrow i’ll set out on my longest run to date, a 9.2 mile loop along the Schuylkill river [you can see part of it from :56 to 1:06 in the video!], down to the art museum (with those infamous steps) and back to my house. i did part of this loop last week, on a beautiful spring day when other runners were out in full force. these saturday long runs are my favorite time of the week – just an hour or two to myself with a chance to take it all in. this running thing has given me the chance to enjoy philadelphia in a way i wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. on my shorter runs, i run along the canal in my neighborhood, full of cute puppies and geese walking around 2-by-2. what’s not to love?
the running community in philly is awesome, too. i see the same people on my runs in town, and i’ve taken to waving to a few of them, and if not a wave, then a friendly nod of acknowledgement that each other are awesome (well, that’s what i like to think).
i’ve only been here a year, and there’s still so much i have to explore! i need to eat more food, see more sporting events, do more shopping, and meet more people. although i never imagined myself here, it’s definitely been a great place to live.

and i promise it doesn’t look this trash-ridden today.


One thought on “my philadelphia

  1. >I forgot all about this scene, but it's one of the best in cinematic history! I would like to get a chance to go to that art museum some time when I'm visiting, and not just to see the Rocky statue!

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