executive by day, wild man by night


which of these suave 80s men would you date?
though it’s probably 20+ years old, this video is pretty true to what online dating is like.
online dating can be incredibly fun if you have the right attitude. i had my reasons for jumping into the online dating pool, and i just kind of let things happen as they did. no pressure, no expectations. and i had fun! and i was out doing things, enjoying my single 20s, and meeting new people. and what i’ve come to find is that now, online dating is not just accepted, it’s pretty much the norm.

for anyone looking to jump in, make sure you set some boundaries for yourself before setting out. i always told my roommates where i’d be, who the person was and where they were from. all but one time i always met up with the person somewhere else – not my house.

of course, you’ll encounter some really, um, interesting characters. if you want to read some personal accounts, head on over to this awesome blog (i may or may not be a contributor).


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