there’s nothing wrong with loving who you are

>it occured to me last week that this april will be the first time in FIVE years that i am not packing my life away into suitcases and boxes and moving it into a 4×4 storage unit or into the back of a car and hauling it elsewhere. i have finally found stability, and boy does it feel good.

in the past few weeks, months even, i have also found myself saying something along the lines of, “well the old me would be… … but the NEW me is…”

it’s nothing big. i don’t think i have changed that much. but what has changed is definitely for the better. i don’t know if it’s because i’ve lost weight and am finally confident and comfortable with myself, or if it’s because i’m finally living “the dream,” if you can call the dream being broke most of the time but living with awesome people and having a job that you mostly enjoy.

i don’t know when it happened – i know it’s been a gradual change. this past year has definitely forced me to grow up, and look at myself in ways i never did before.

old me:               
suuuuper shy              
mega judgemental
horrible dating record
dead-end job-haver
awful cook

new me:
waaaay outgoing
better dating record
good job-haver
decent cook (excellent baker)
dives in head first

i was never unhappy with myself. in fact, i was probably a little too confident in myself than i should have been. but now, i feel so comfortable with my life. i’m content, proud of myself, and more than anything, ecstatic for what’s to come. and sometimes i feel so guilty about it, because i want everyone i know to have and feel the same.

end heavyness.


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4 thoughts on “there’s nothing wrong with loving who you are

  1. >I think you're being way too hard on the old you. That being said, there's something about the old you and the new you that will never change, and that is your sense of independence!!

  2. >With the exception of spender and dead end job, "old you" is pretty much identical to "current me". You simply must give me some tips in May! =)

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