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>i really want to comment on the whole BYU/Davies thing, but i feel like i can’t really gather my thoughts enough to really form an opinion that will make sense.

as a BYU graduate, it’s hard to see the media criticizing the school so harshly for the honor code. no drinking or sex? how do people survive?

the honor code has been around since BYU was founded. it’s nothing new, and the school wears it on its sleeve. BYU’s stone cold sober school ranking is something the school prides itself on.

is the honor code harsh? yes, to people looking in on it. for students who willingly choose to go to BYU, it’s nothing new. it’s church doctrine and teachings we’ve grown up hearing all of our lives, or to converts, what they learned from the missionaries. i know people who aren’t mormon think it’s weird that we do (or don’t do) this stuff.

yes, mormons don’t drink coffee, tea, or alcohol, or smoke or do drugs. when you’re in provo, it’s not hard to NOT do those things. i’ve never had coffee – and honestly, don’t really want to. i find a way to survive without it (diet coke…) but even if i had the opportunity to drink it, i probably wouldn’t. i hate tea, too. so really? not hard, at least for me.

do people do it anyway? of course. provo – and utah in general – isn’t a mormon police state. there are bars and liquor stores, just like anywhere else.

the thing about brandon davies is that in the end, he did choose to go to BYU, knowing full well what was expected of him, and the “rules” he would need to abide by (again i stress – if you’re living your lifestyle like the honor code anyway, they’re really not “rules”). is it a huge blow to the team? yes, obviously. things like this happen more often than you’d think at BYU – this just happens to have a lot of media attention because of the person involved.

i’m know that brandon feels horrible about what has happened. whether he “turned himself in” or if it was someone else, it probably would have come out eventually. i feel so bad for him, and for his girlfriend, to have their private lives thrust out in the open like this.

i don’t expect any of my non-mormon friends to agree with the honor code. i know it’s different – BYU is definitely different. but you know what? i had a great time in school. i made amazing friends, got a great education, and had the opportunity to really grow up and make my own decisions.

i’m sorry this was so jumbled. like i said, i don’t really know how to put into words how i feel. in the end, i really wish people, especially in the media, would educate themselves just a little bit about BYU or the honor code, or mormonism, before criticizing it. in the end, the students choose to go there, and they know what they’re getting in to.

/end soapbox rant.


3 thoughts on “no comment

  1. >Everyone I know, including (or should I say, especially) non-members, really supports BYU's decision. "You do the crime you pay the time" is the general consensus, and people admire it when you actually live your standards, they really, really do!!

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