>after months of AOL radio and pandora listening at work, i needed to look elsewhere (as much as i cherish my citizen cope channel, i was eating up my allotted hours very, very quickly)

ergo, i turned to the new-to-me site 8tracks.

can i just say….i am in love.

first of all, there’s the endless number of mixes you can listen to, easily favorite, and listen to over and over again. i have discovered so much new music in the past few days. second, there’s the opportunity to create your own mixes using your own music, and share them with others. i know it’s not really a new or novel idea, but seriously, i have come to realize how stunted i am in the music department by listening to the mixes others have made.

so, come play with me over on 8tracks. i posted a condensed version of the love week soundtrack over there (and it already has one “like”!)

if you want an awesome introduction, this mix has been on repeat for me for the past few days.


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