love week 2011

>i’ve taken it upon myself to bring love week to the east coast.

what’s love week, you ask? only the best six days of your life.
(feb 8th to the 14th, naturally)

love week =
-daily soundtrack listening
-wearing love week colors (pink, white, brown {chocolate}, purple) every day (not all at once, of course)
-romantic comedies

my crazy beautiful friend lindsay started love week our freshman year of college. she got everyone involved – even the boys! ever since, our group of friends has looked forward to this week. even if you’re unattached, it’s just a really fun way to celebrate your friendships and have fun reveling in the ridiculousness of it all.

for the second year of love week {2007}, i will never forget making cookies with linds and yooms at my apartment, burning at least 20 cds, and running around provo hand delivering cds and cookies to everyone. at each apartment, we’d give a little preview of each song and have a dance party. it was one of my most favoritest memories in college. in 2009 we spent an entire day in the graphic’s lab compiling the soundtrack and burning cds in anticipation of the party of the year.

oh yes, so there IS a point to this post.
i need your suggestions for this year’s soundtrack!!
i have a bunch of songs already together, but i haven’t gone through and made any final decisions. the only rule for songs is that they must say the word “love” somewhere in the song, it doesn’t necessarily need to be in the title. 
my plan is to make a .zip file and send it to anyone who wants it – so please pass the word along!

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