i’ve been saying it for years


thank you, nymag daily intel team, for finally putting into print what i’ve been saying/complaining about for YEARS about gossip girl:

“Why on this show does everyone walk away from one another before anything is resolved or questioned? In real life, when there is a complicated twist (and if only real life was so entertaining!) usually people stick around to get to the bottom of it. Minus 20 for everyone walking away from Vanessa (while she still had Serena’s phone) without dealing with one actual element of the problem. “

this happens WEEKLY. i understand it’s because they need to carry on the drama, because we’d have a 5 minute show otherwise, but still…it is SO FRUSTRATING to watch!!
if you don’t read the recaps from nymag, i highly suggest starting now. they cover so many shows, and they’re all hilarious to read, and the comments are even better. my favorites: gossip girl (obviously), jersey shore, glee, HIMYM, and RHONJ/NY (when they’re on). ch-ch-check it. and thanks to alex for letting me know they even exist!
ok, off my soapbox now.

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