>manayunk bike race

>this weekend marked the unofficial start of summer in philadelphia — the annual philadelphia international championship, or simply, “bike race.” it seems that, if you say these two words to anyone in the philly region, they know what you’re talking about, and understand your situation completely (thanks to the girls at work who helped me out this weekend!).

anyway, yesterday was bike race. we were up at 7:30 to shower, and out the door by 8:30 to make the hike up to the summit of the “manayunk wall.” from wikipedia:

“The “Manayunk Wall” is an inclined street, comprising all of Levering Street and a few blocks of Lyceum Avenue, that is a part of the Philadelphia International Championship, an annual one-day bicycle race. It is reputed to be the steepest vertical drop in the city of Philadelphia. The “wall” begins at Main Street in Manayunk and, most years, ends at Pechin Street in Roxborough.”

thank’s to clare’s cousin ryan, we scored VIP passes to his company’s party at a house with a prime viewing spot right on the summit. we saw the bikers as they peaked after a long ride up the 17% grade hill — and they did that 10 times (4 times for the women). the race was 156 miles total. incredible. it was so cool to be right there, and see the sweat dripping from them. definitely a great motivation!


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