>big dreams, small spaces


as you may or may not know, i recently made the move to philadelphia! i’ve been here about a week, and i’m really enjoying it so far. i moved into a place with some friends in a neighborhood called manayunk, also known as One Giant Hill with a really cute main street.
i volunteered to take the smallest room in the house (a gorgeous, recently renovated rowhouse at a steal of a price). i LOVE my room. i have 3 closets, two of which take up an entire wall. when clare first sent me pictures, i was terrified i wouldn’t even be able to fit a bed and a single nightstand against the wall. i didn’t even know if i could fit my dresser. luckily, the pictures did not do the room justice, and the space is more than adequate. 
one of the challenges we face is the bathroom. it’s tiny. we haven’t encountered any morning traffic problems, but it would be hard for each of us to get ready entirely in that bathroom each morning. so we’ve taken to setting up shop in our rooms. now to the point of this post.
but how does one maneuver around a hideous, off-center radiator against the only wall with scant available space? you go to ikea, of course.
ikea has a solution for just about everything, don’t they? originally i was going to try to find a very tall hutch/table to go around the radiator, but then we saw this floating shelf, and it was just the perfect length (and price!) i’ve set up quite the little makeshift vanity with the shelf, a candle thingamabob for my makeup, and a cheap mirror from target in the place where a window once was (wonder why they didn’t actually make it a window, anyway?) for the summer, the radiator is the perfect place to hang my blow dryer (idk what i’ll do in the winter, however…).
more pics of the house coming soon when we have it all decorated!

3 thoughts on “>big dreams, small spaces

  1. >Ryan served his mission in Philly and when I asked him about your neighborhood his response was, "That's a really cool area!" Apparently they went there on P-Days sometimes (which totally beat the ghetto Rocky-esque neighborhoods they lived in). I'm so excited for you!

  2. >Welcome to Philly! I've been living in Philly for about 5 years now and it's a great city! We should totally meet up for happy hour one day – a bunch of us already get together a few times a month and we're always looking for new bloggers to join in on the fun! 🙂

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