>(please excuse my blog while it undergoes a major overhaul, and i attempt to teach myself HTML all over again. this stuff is hard.)

when i was younger, i used to be really lucky. in 4th grade, i won the grand prize at my school’s annual book fair – $50 of books for me, and $50 of books for my classroom. i was in heaven. fast forward to 8th grade, when i was lucky enough to get through to my local radio station, reiterate the top 10 songs of the night, and win 2 tickets to the upcoming aerosmith concert. (i sold the tickets — too young to attend/appreciate…turns out aerosmith pulled one over on concertgoers and put the stage on the lawn, which gave my lucky ticket buyers front row seats…).

anyway, i feel like i’ve been lucky my whole life. until now.

i’m moving to philadelphia next week. i don’t have a job (but i have an interview). it’s taken forever for this to happen, with lots of hurdles and bumps along the way. my car is falling apart (luckily, M+D have graciously helped me acquire a new one), and i’ll barely break even when i have to send in my tax check next week.

when did my luck run out? what did i do wrong? i’m just so frustrated.

i need a lucky charm.


2 thoughts on “>lucky

  1. >It seems that since I have a blog now and want others to comment on mine, I have begun to comment on everyone else's too. You are lucky! I'm excited to hear about your Philly adventures, because i'm pretty sure something amazing is going to happen there. I'm just sayin'. šŸ™‚

  2. >You are lucky! Life is never smooth and easy! You have family who loves you, you have the gospel of Jesus Christ, you know and like yourself, great friends, and an exciting new life in Philly (which I hope I will not be shut out of). Life isn't about luck — it's about blessings — and you have many!!

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