>i’m alive


when i lived with the famous yooms, she would often chastise me for falling asleep with my earbuds in. it wasn’t uncommon for me to wake up in the morning with the cord wrapped around my next a few times…or just me sleeping right on top of my ipod itself.

lately, i find myself falling asleep surrounded by other gadgets…namely my blackberry, and the remotes for my tv and dvd player. i’ve also been known to snuggle up with my laptop on occasion (although she’s usually tucked under the covers…i’m a neat sleeper).

surprisingly…nothing ever really falls on the floor

not surprising…i spend a lot of time looking for gadgets in/under my mess of sheets and blankets (4 in all)


2 thoughts on “>i’m alive

  1. >TARA! I demand you stop this madness! I do not want to read in the obituaries that you have choked to death! Also, I think you need one of those all in one remote controllers.

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