>a "secret" no more


though these magazines may be great for a little inspiration during a daily workout, every story is filled with the same hoo-hah: eat lean proteins, small portions 5x a day, and exercise. so why are these tips still considered “secrets?” we’ve known about them for years! perhaps the real secret is some adderall/oxycontin/xanax combo + a personal trainer who drills you into the ground. probably the latter.

anyway, i’m doing it without the drugs. i’ve lost a bunch of weight and inches from everywhere, and have started building good muscle. just by going to the gym and eating somewhat healthier (i can’t give up chocolate, sorry). it’s not hard, and you don’t need to be a celebrity to get results. the only thing that is frustrating is knowing that i let myself get as far as i did. if i’d just kept up my workout routine from a few summers ago, i would be in a much better place. whatever. it’s good to have a goal, right? and i’m proud of myself.

and oh hey, i’m moving to philly! details to follow.


3 thoughts on “>a "secret" no more

  1. >YES, I totally realized that a while ago and now I definitely skip over all the exercise/eating sections of magazines. So proud of you for being so committed! Also PHILLY WHAT?! What about Anthro??!

  2. >i totally agree that you're losing weight the right way. i need to start working out more. i'm so proud of you for doing it! that's exciting about philly. i can't wait for the details!

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