>something borrowed and something blue


lately i’ve had my mind on weddings and what mine will be like.
ok, let’s be honest, when am i never NOT thinking about my future wedding?
(don’t worry, it’s not close at all.)
maybe it’s all the episodes of “say yes to the dress” i’ve been watching,
or the brides i’ve been surrounded by.
my preferences change all the time, from colors to flowers and locations.
one thing stays the same, though.
i want a lace dress.
i just found one i want the mostest, however it is probably a bazillion dollars (specialty couture) and isn’t sold anywhere near me.
hopefully, when the time finally comes, a) it will still be around (i’ll travel wherever to get my hands on it) or b) i’ll be able to find something very similar. but for now? it’s pretty much my dream dress. have a looksie…

if you were wondering…the dress is from http://www.stephaniejamescouture.com/

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