>laser beams


almost a year ago to this day i wrote about my former want for a day getting glamour shots at the mall, and expressed my deepest thanks to my parents for making sure that it never happened.

well today at work, the fabulous nick and i were discussing her son’s new school pictures, when i thought back to my own school picture day and my then-want for the ever-so-coveted laser beam background. all the cool kids got the lasers, but i was always stuck with the plain blue, green, or pink backgrounds. while we were chatting i thought, “there has to be a site with past evidence of this wonderful background!” and i was RIGHT. while i’m so very glad i never had the laser beams (mom was right again), it’s fun to laugh at the mistakes of others, right!?

enjoy these gems from “We Have Lasers!!!
(description: You begged your mom to pay the extra $4.
A tribute to the greatest school photo backdrop there ever was.

admit it — did YOU ever have the laser background?


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