>crafting update


remember my sad little dresser?

well, it’s all fixed up!

last saturday my whole family teamed up to finish this beast. we huddled in the garage and painted away, let it dry, and then did some touch ups. my dad put the knobs on, and it was in my room by nighttime! i also rearranged my entire room — it looks about 10x bigger now — and i love it. some small little details to get to, but overall, it looks great!

i ended up using these knobs from tarjay b/c anthro isn’t open yet, and also i needed 11 knobs, so if i had bought the ones i wanted ($10ish each), that would mean spending $100+ on knobs for a dresser that cost eight. guess what? it’s still cute.

should i submit to d*s anytime soon?
(better pictures pending, of course)


2 thoughts on “>crafting update

  1. >Uh…I'm a little embarrassed to report that it took me twice reading through this post to realize "tarjay" is Target. (It is, right? I'm going to feel even more embarrassed if it's the actual name of an actual store!)I so want to redo my dresser. But I really just want to buy a new one. Creative diva, I am not.Love the blog! Not to self-promote (but I AM a blogger and all that jazz) but check out mine sometime: stephanywrites.blogspot.com

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