>celebrity playlist

>i’m not famous, so i’ll never have the opportunity to display my eclectic music taste and suck up to the people of itunes by choosing the most bizarre songs for my playlist so everyone knows what a music snob i am. whew, long sentence. anyway, i have no shame for my music. i’ve put together a little playlist of my songs-of-the-moment. most are awesome dance songs, others are just hilarity (subtle sexuality). if you have any suggestions of new music i should download — please suggest them! i’m always looking for new stuff to listen to. i get bored easily.


2 thoughts on “>celebrity playlist

  1. >HAHAHA you are awesome for the 'picking the most obscure music to look like a prestigious music snob' i totes agree with that. Sometimes (most of the time) the old favorites like Dido, Vanessa Carlton or beyonce JUST DO IT for me!

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