>20sb blog swap!! blah blah blah from bsg. also, who reads your blog?

> today is the 20something bloggers blog swap day. my partner is raeleigh, and she’s hilarious. don’t forget to check out my post on her site!


hey tara-readers! I’m raeleigh (like hailey, but with an R. not like the capital of north carolina.) from
big sky girl! nice to meetcha.

when I asked tara if there was anything in particular she would like, she reminded me that her mom reads her blog, so any of the normal shenanigans I talk about are out. I kid, I kid. not trying to corrupt your daughter, tara’s mom. promise-face.

my blog isn’t really all that shenanigan-y, as my mom reads mine too. which makes it sound like I have LOADS of shenanigans I COULD write about, but that I don’t. um. not true. I’m pretty much a shenanigan-free sort of girl.

in fact, the craziest thing I have done lately is use some form of the word ‘shenanigans’ 4 (5 if you count the time I used it just now) times in this post. and it’s only 148 words long.




so speaking of mothers.

which we were.

and shenanigans.


okay, seriously.

does your mom read your blog?

have you asked her to stop?

do you want her to (hi, mom, this is NOT me saying “zomg, jacks, s.t.o.p. with the reading of my blahg!” I’m just trying to get a feel for tara’s readers)?

what about other people?

like, your dad?

oh my.

my dad reads mine from time to time, usually becoming incensed if I have been wronged (see the post about my j-high band director being a facebook creeper) and generally wanting to protect his baby girl from the internets.

my mom just giggles.

she doesn’t give a hoot if the internets kill me.

just kidding.

she totally gives a hoot. probably two.

clearly I am a little delirious right now. and if you don’t believe me you should see how I’m cracking myself up over here.

I should have said “hey tara-readers! I’m raeleigh and I very rarely stick to the point of any given post!”



being a blogger.

are you “out” as a blogger? to your parents or anyone else?

I have a select few real life friends who read mine (pretty much my mom and a few of my best friends one of whom is my server-host-dude so I like HAVE to let him read it. kidding, kidding. I actually give him a bad time if I’ve blogged something and he seems to be clueless about it. then I go all naggy-wife-face on him and I’m all YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME OR READ MY BLOG ZOMG I HATE YOU.)

um, I’m sorry about all the digressing. it’s what I do.

otherwise, I really don’t know anyone in real life who reads my blog. and I KNOW that I don’t know, so I tend to not talk badly about anyone. usually. I have been known to make exceptions.

even though I don’t know anyone who reads my blog IN REAL LIFE, some of these girls are the bffs that I wish lived much closer. can you imagine if you had easy access to all of your favorite bloggers? we’d probably all get sick of each other and never be friends again and the world would implode.

al gore did us SUCH a favor by inventing the internet so that we could only see each other once in awhile.

but don’t you think? I mean what with twitter (I’m @bigskygirlmt! add me! let’s be internet bffs!) and blogging all of the day-to-day minutiae (not gonna lie, just had to look up on dictionary.com to see if it was minutiae or minutiae – apparently it’s both! I love the English language – always throwin’ those not-quite-necessary letters around!) of our lives, we get pretty tight. for example, my friend amy’s dad is having chemo right now, and I am praying and hating cancer, because no one deserves to go through the total YUCK that is having your daddy be sick like that. on the flip side, I am SO EXCITED for my lovely rach and her wonderful matt and their adorable new puppy stella who is excitingly (!) parvo-free. my friend mandy and I have bonded over our love of baking/cooking/kitchenaid mixers and qvc (oh hush your mouths, like you’ve never stopped and taken a gander whilst channel surfing and thought maybe you really COULD use a set of northern nights sheets).

the point (I just decided what it was): I think it’s GOOD to have real life people read your blog (it’s a great way to keep in touch!) – and your internet bffs. especially when you’re trying to stir up discussion – let’s face it, the people you know in real life? you generally know what their opinions will be, depending on how well you know them. with the internet people, as you get to know them and learn more about them, it’s nice to get their spin also – maybe someone will come up with something you hadn’t considered and wouldn’t normally hear.

so. the original question: who reads you?

it was lovely to be here today – come visit me any time!


the big sky girl


One thought on “>20sb blog swap!! blah blah blah from bsg. also, who reads your blog?

  1. >My dad doesn't read my blog, because he can't read. Before you feel bad, realize that I have paid the price for this…like when he calls me at work and says I have VD, when it was actually a VISA bill.

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