>giving credit where credit is due

>what do you think about when you think of calling a customer service line with a question or concern? if you’re like me, you might dread it. listening to the often confusing instruction and pushing numbers even if they don’t EXACTLY match with your concern, hoping you’ll eventually speak with the right person. even then, they might be very unhelpful (i’m looking at you, wells fargo). sound familiar?

right now, i just want to give a little shout out to 1800-contacts, with whom i just got off the phone. i had a simple concern (i forgot to switch my shipping address when re-ordering contacts. while they conveniently saved my info, i just clicked submit too soon!), and you know what?


as someone who has worked in customer service before, i know how hard it can be to not hate your job as soon as you set foot in the door.

if the girl i spoke to didn’t like her job, you’d never be able to tell.

first of all, i didn’t have to listen to any instructions — it went right to a customer service rep (in my confusion/elated-ness, i forgot to catch her name, though).

second, she got my order up right away, with just my first and last name (no stupid confirmation numbers).

third, she was extremely pleasant and was able to fix my problem right away. she even let me know ahead of time of some concerns that might pop up because of the transaction.

STELLAR. not only did i get:

  • free shipping,
  • a discount on my order,
  • a free contact lens case ( and a nice one at that),

with my order, i also got the satisfaction that there are real people behind this brand, and people who are nice and helpful, too. they’ve got my seal of approval.

and while we’re at it, i’d like that thank bloomingdales from my order last year, who remedied my situation and gave me free shipping when i called, even though they didn’t have to.

*DISCLOSURE: i was in no way paid for this, i’m just a happy, satisfied customer who wants to spread the word and support a good company*

3 thoughts on “>giving credit where credit is due

  1. >Yup, that's the way to do it! Now make sure you call 1-800 Contacts and tell them how happy you were with the experience. They'll be so glad to hear it.

  2. >I read about Manhattan through your guest post today, and I thought it was soo ironic that I had recently just had my first trip (EVER) to NY this past weekend, and tomorrow I am doing it AGAIN. I posted something on my blog recently about my trip, and a bunch of pictures, if you're interested, that is.

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