>the love of my life

>new york was great. amtrak was actually kind of fun to ride. i talked to some funny people and had more leg room on travel excursion than i’d had in years.

john krasinski was everything i’d hoped for and more. well, the cherry would have been actually meeting him, but being 6ft. from him was good enough for now (oh, and emily blunt was there. but we don’t like to talk about that).

my camera did not take good pictures, nor was i smart enough to get more than 4 secs. on video, so thanks to this person who got the best part of the Q&A on video. the question was about music for the film, and how he picked it out, and gave us an impromptu little performance. please notice the arms, the big beautiful arms…

and thanks to eliz for this picture, for remaining calm enough to get some good ones 🙂


4 thoughts on “>the love of my life

  1. >tara in BK + no school on monday + john krasinski + john krasinski's arms = perfect weekend.can't wait to see you in 2 weeks! maybe we'll actually go to crumbs or max brenner. don't forget you left that bag of toiletries in my apartment!("'No sleep til broklyn. Beastie boys' – Clare")

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