>osmond mania


many times, when people find out i’m mormon, the first thing they try to strike up a conversation with me about is the osmonds.
“ohhh i love donny and marie!” they all say.

i have in fact interviewed many members of the osmond clan for a few daily universe articles. at one point, i even had 3 voicemails from 3 separate osmonds.


my aunt even attempted a devious plan at BYU to meet donny. she heard he and a brother were coming over to pick up some dates/girls from their apartment complex. my aunt pretended to be one of the girls and go on the date with him. needless to say, it didn’t pan out, but it’s still a fun family story. between my mom and my aunts, i’m pretty sure they have every osmond album (RECORD, yes a RECORD) ever made.

yes yes, donny and marie are well loved in this house. so well loved, in fact, that we have the dolls to prove it. we didn’t buy them–we inherited them from my grandmother. it was the one thing my mom wanted, besides the miss peep. well, she only wanted donny. marie was just part of the package deal.

after we acquired these dolls, the donny doll became somewhat of a joke in my house. over winter break, i came home to donny sitting on my bed.

sometimes you could find him sitting on the railing welcoming you home.

or chilling with my cat.

or helping my mom cook.

or in the fridge.

yes, donny has had some good times in our house.

so what’s the point of my story?


also, if you haven’t already heard, donny will be on dancing with the stars this season.

maybe i’ll have to start watching.


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