>movin’ on up, to the east sideeeee

>today i made my first appointment to go see an apartment!


this is not like provo apts where they’re all basically the same and you’ve been to so many complexes that you know where you want to be 3 years down the road. no, not like that at all.

i’ve been perusing listings for a while, but i never really had a set date when i could move out. i knew i needed a car, but saving for THAT and an apartment at the same time was going to take a while. now with the coming of my sweet little standy, things are looking up, big time. we’ve worked some finances out so that i’ll have enough for both, plus some money to get me started out with everything. (thanks m & d!)

searching for a place has been somewhat frustrating due to the following:

  • i’m limiting myself to a very certain neighborhood, which can get pricey
  • i have very strict requirements: off-street parking, heat included in rent, a decent kitchen, closet and bathroom, and cats allowed (purrrr)
  • i don’t know downtown rochester THAT well, so i have to keep looking up addresses every time i see one i like, and half the time it’s in a part of town i don’t want to be
  • there are still scammers on the real estate listings, not just the jobs!
  • people are just plain weird– ex: “science fiction nerds encouraged to apply!” and “FREE DVD PLAYER” (it was in a bad part of town, and an overpriced STUDIO)

so let’s just hope the place i’m going is halfway decent. from the listing i saw, it has everything i want and then some. it’s exactly where i want to be, close to everywhere i want to be, and is just really cute.

i’ll report back tomorrow!

p.s. who else is loving project runway this season??? i love christopher, shirin, and althea so far.

(“althea? you’re shooting with althea?”
“althea is correct!”
“nice shooting”)

3 thoughts on “>movin’ on up, to the east sideeeee

  1. >Um, FRIENDS, of course! "The one with the embryos" aka "The one where Rachael and Monica lose their apartment"…one of my personal favorites. Good luck with the apartment! I hope it's all you've been dreaming of.

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