>behind the times


i HATE when i’m late to the party.
arrested development. the office. 30 rock. mad men. sytycd.

all shows that i wish i’d been watching from the very beginning, so i could have some PASSION when i talk about them. i pride myself on knowing things first!!! it’s what i’m known for in my little circle of friends. so now i’m hooked on entourage. and i have sooooo much to catch up on. i can’t watch regular TV now because its too slow.

no quick comebacks and snappy dialogue.
no ari gold and mrs. ari and turtle and LLOYD.
no surprising guest stars like mandy moore and james cameron.
no vinny chase eye candy.

i’m on season three now and can’t wait to catch up.

now soak up this deliciousness.


2 thoughts on “>behind the times

  1. >I would love love love to be blends (cutest term ever!)I've neglected my poor little blog for a bit so I need some inspiration to get it back robots prime. Def think a new friend can inspire just that! Love upstate new York it's sooo beautiful. I'm not as upstate as Rochester . I go to the Hudson area in the boonies! But I'm sure Rochester is just as beautiful!

  2. >I love E. So adorable. Unfortunately this season is a little slow so far, but hopefully it will pick up.When you get caught up you should check out veronica mars. It's very snappy. Probably one of my favorite shows ever.

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