>lame friday nights


clare, steph and i made rainbow cupcakes last night. i’ve tried to do it before (from scratch) but was pretty unsuccessful. this time i was smart and just used cake mix and prepackaged frosting–so much better (and easier!). i’ve had the inkling to do it since reading these posts and finally had the opportunity to scratch the itch. sorry, my camera is weird,
so the pictures aren’t that great of quality.

we separated the batter into 5 bowls, about a cup of batter each,
added LOTS of food coloring,
(we used yellow cake batter, which posed kind of a problem)
then haphazardly put the batter into the cups however we felt like!
it only made 18 cupcakes (instead of the usual 24)
but we were fine with that
frosting was from the doughboy, we dyed it 3 colors, put them all in a bag,
and hoped they swirled together! (it did on some)
the cupcakes were delicious.

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