>crafting + anthro, my two favorite things


my friends, today my mom and i came across the best crafting/dyi/design on a dime treasure!
we got a splendid little dresser for EIGHT DOLLARS at a garage sale!
(i’d take a picture, but there’s crap all over it right now in the garage)

it’s not in the best condition, but it works. seven drawers, nice and long, and can be used in the bedroom or in a living room/dining room for storage and such.

i can’t wait to start crafting it up! but i can’t decide on a color yet, as it’s really going to be for my future apt., which i don’t have any other decorations for yet.

all i know is that i’m getting knobs at anthro. i’ve always lusted after the vintage-y looking knobs at my favorite store ever, but i’ve never had a use for them. until now!! unfortch, the anthro in our mall isn’t opening for a few more months, so the crafting will have to be put on hold for now.

did i mention we’re getting an anthropologie in little old rochester? it’s pretty much the best thing to happen to the eastview mall since sephora. that mall could use a little class and culture. and “valet” parking doesn’t cut it.

i’m going to try and get a THIRD job, yes, a third job, when it opens. i know it’s crazy and i’ll never sleep, i just can’t pass up the opportunity. and the *ahem* discount.

here are some things that i’m eying right now…

Latte Bowls


Terai Folding Chair

Bella Hothouse Quilt + Bedset

anthro please get here soon!
and please start making the poppy showers lotions again!!


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