i haven’t been buying magazines lately, a) because i’m saving my $$$ and b) i’ve gotten free subscriptions to the ones i read most. however, i just couldn’t resist buying this month’s issue of Real Simple. i just love this magazine. it’s fun to just look at the photography and styling that they do for everything. the content isn’t to shabby either. they always have delicious recipes and fun little tips for style and home, and simple crafts that can be done in no time (but look really professional!). i can’t imagine how fun it is to work there. next to a fashion magazine, Real Simple is my number two choice for The Best Job Ever.

the real reason i couldn’t resist this particular issue is the pattern on the purse featured on the cover. i love the pattern and the color, and just the whole styling of the cover in general. in fact, it is very similar to the patterns i’m looking at for my future bedspread/comforter, so it doesn’t hurt to add one
more thing to the design idea folder.

(yes, this is a very low-q picture, obtained by taking a photobooth picture with the mirror effect and then doing a screen cap from that. but you still get the picture.)


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